Having a call to action is very important on the Internet.

Your call to action tells the consumer exactly what you want them to do after they consume your content.

It may be obvious to you but sometimes readers need a little reminder. If you are tired of using the sam old "Click Here!" Keep reading, this blog post will give you some effective examples.

When you update a Facebook status with some valuable content you want your readers to engage with your post. An engagement on Facebook includes a click, share, like, or comment.Comments can extend the life of your post. Any type of engagement activates the word of mouth factor and allows you to reach your target audience. I don't know about you but I get a sense of accomplishment when I log into Facebook and see a notification. It feels great to know that your readers are engaging and interested in your content.

I have collected some call to actions that will get you out of the "Click Here!" slump.

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Let your fans know you value their option.

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  • Any Suggestions?
  • I agree with this ___________ comment below to let me know if you agree or disagree.
  • Click Like if you agree!
  • What do you think? (Use open ended questions)

Create a sense of urgency: Adding a sense of urgency is a great way to get the reader to act fast. This is a great method to use for an upcoming webinar, training session, or a current promotion.

  • You don't want to miss this!
  • Sign up today only ____spots left
  • Space is limited
  • Get Started
  • Unlimited Access
  • Join Now
  • Grab yours now >>
  • While Supplies last

Encourage readers to share post with friends: This is a great way to take advantage of word of mouth marketing and spread your content to a wider audience.

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These can be used for your website copy.

The Internet is filled with call to actions. They are used for your blog posts, social media updates, landing pages, opt in forms and for your website copy. Without a call to action you are missing a lot of opportunities to WOW your audience with your great content.

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