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Contact lenses correct your vision just like glasses. People choose contact lenses for various medical, functional, and lifestyle/cosmetic reasons.


There are plenty of cosmetic, medical and functional reasons why people choose contact lenses, and depending on your daily activities, contact lenses can be incredibly beneficial.

Poor fitting contact lenses can be uncomfortable and may cause long term damage to the cornea. Therefore, it is important to work with our experts to select the correct lens and ensure it fits properly. Our experts will take into account the measurements of your eyes, the results of your comprehensive eye exam and contact lens examination and cross-reference the results with your visual requirements, lifestyle, and daily wearing habits to get you into the right contact lens.
A recommendation on the type of contact lenses that would best suit you will be made, such as disposable daily lenses, extended-wear, rigid (hard) lenses, or toric and multifocal lenses.

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